Takumi is a restaurant originally located in Burnaby where it became an iconic destination for lovers of exquisite Japanese cuisine from far and wide. After 15 years, Takumi relocated to a beautiful new location in West Vancouver and continues to serve dishes created by Master Chef Tadashi Akaike with his 40 years of experience. Our nine-course dinner was accompanied by selected wines and also imported premium sakés and fresh local product introduced by Granville Island’s Artisan Saké Maker Masa Shiroki.

Our evening was well attended by 40 members and guests and we started with a reception of Segura Viudas Aria Brut cava from Spain and a special Takumi Blossom cocktail – vodka, saké and Calpico topped with soda water and cherry blossoms. Our first course of appetizers included fresh water eel, fine seaweed kelp with rice vinaigrette, baked clam with motoyaki sauce and spring bamboo and konnyaku in creamy tofu sauce followed by prawn with yuzu in dashi soup and accompanied by 2008 Mil Piedras Viognier from Colle di Boasi, Argentina.

Next came cold steamed egg with sea urchin and dashi soup, with lily bulb, ginko nuts, prawn, shiitake and nameko mushrooms with our first saké, Toshimori Bizen Junmai Ginjo Premium saké, and deep fried lotus roots and whitefish paste with Granville Island Osake Junmai Nama Nigori Premium Craft saké, a creamy product that matched the food well.

At this point, we were ready for a short break and Granville Island’s Artisan Saké Maker Masa Shiroki treated us to an informative presentation of the sakés that were enjoyed during the evening and to the traditions of making and drinking saké.

Following a selection of sashimi served with Masukagami Special Junmai Premium saké from Japan, we enjoyed the robata of barbecued black cod marinated in sweet miso and saké with canola spring flower, kobe beef wrapped green onion in teriyaki sauce and shabu shabu beef mixed in sesame sauce and ponzu with Granville Island Osake Junmai Nama Genshu Premium Craft saké.

Chef’s selection of sushi came next with Granville Island Osake Junmai Nama Premium Craft sake followed by buckwheat noodles in green tea and a refreshing dessert of Azuki bean ice cream with fruits and jelly syrup.

We truly enjoyed a delightful evening of delicious authentic Japanese cuisine, created and served by a family and friends who are passionate about their food, and an equally passionate Artisan Saké Maker with excellent sakés. Our thanks to all and also to members Douglas Russell and Brian Henry for their assistance in pouring during the evening. At the end of the evening, Master Chef Tadashi Akaike was presented with a certificate of appreciation and everyone was encouraged to come back to Takumi Japanese Restaurant and to visit the Artisan Saké Maker on Granville Island. Kampai!

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Photos by Milena Robertson

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